Employee Outsourcing Services Saudi Arabia

In the competitive landscape of Saudi Arabia’s business environment, having access to top-quality talent is crucial for organizations to thrive. At Yaqoot Manpower Services, we understand the significance of human resources and offer comprehensive HR solutions for staff placement in Saudi Arabia. With our extensive market expertise and experience, we proudly deploy individual professionals or entire teams across key cities such as Jeddah, Riyadh, and other regions of the country. Our goal is to assist organizations in managing their human resources effectively and efficiently, enabling them to focus on their core business operations

End-to-End HR Services At Yaqoot Manpower Services

We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive end-to-end HR services that cover every stage of the employee lifecycle. Our team of HR experts is equipped to handle a wide range of HR functions, providing organizations with the necessary support and guidance to navigate the complexities of HR management.


Best Consulting

We are delivering the best consulting solutions for clients

Accurate Data

We build accurate data bank for informed decision-making

Marketing Growth

Strategic planning for growth-oriented marketing

Why should you choose Yaqoot Manpower Services as your recruitment agency for Employee Outsourcing Services Saudi Arabia?

Dedicated Corporate Support:

We provide specialized support to address budget limitations and resource constraints in managing HR functions.

Optimized HR Operations:

Partnering with us allows organizations to leverage our expertise and infrastructure, focusing on critical areas of their business.

Extension of Your Organization:

Our team becomes an extension of our clients' organizations, offering dedicated support and guidance in HR management.

Strategic HR Planning:

We assist organizations with strategic HR planning to align human resources with business goals.

HR Compliance:

Our experts ensure organizations navigate complex HR landscapes while maintaining compliance with regulations.

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