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The Yaqoot Manpower is one of the best oil and gas recruitment agency in Saudi Arabia to help you hire your oil and gas staff whether you are looking for senior engineers, drill engineers, welders, fabricators, pipeline engineers, mechanical and electrical technicians, field operations supervisors and much more, we are here to guide and help you at each step to build you amazing oil and gas staffing team the way you want it that can drove your company’s business seamlessly and smoothly. Finding the right set of heads for the right project is our agency’s specialty. That’s why our agency is known as one of the top oil and gas recruitment agency in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are also recognized as one of the top offshore oil rig recruitment agencies in the industry. CONTACT US TODAY TO HIRE YOUR OIL AND GAS STAFF!

The Leading Oil and Gas Recruitment Agency in Saudi Arabia

Welcome to our Oil and Gas Recruitment Agency in Saudi Arabia where we specialize in providing premier manpower solutions tailored specifically for the oil and gas industry in Saudi Arabia. At Yaqoot Manpower Services, we understand the critical importance of having the right talent to drive success in this dynamic sector. Our expertise lies in connecting skilled professionals with leading companies, ensuring a perfect match that enhances operational efficiency and fuels growth.

With years of experience and a deep understanding of the unique demands of the oil and gas industry, we offer a comprehensive range of recruitment services. Whether you’re seeking engineers, technicians, project managers, or executives, we have the network and resources to source top-tier candidates with the specialized skills and industry knowledge necessary to thrive in your organization.

What sets us apart is our commitment to personalized service and meticulous attention to detail. We work closely with both candidates and clients to understand their specific needs and goals, ensuring that every placement we make is not just a match on paper but a strategic fit that contributes to long-term success. Our track record speaks for itself, with numerous success stories of placing talented professionals in positions where they can make a real impact.

Contact Yaqoot Manpower Services today to discover how our Oil and Gas Recruitment Agency in Saudi Arabia can assist your organization in achieving its staffing objectives. Let us partner with you to build a workforce that drives innovation, efficiency, and profitability in the competitive oil and gas industry.

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Our Agency Provide Trusted Oil and Gas Recruitment Services

Our specialized recruitment services are designed to meet the unique demands of the oil and gas sector. At Yaqoot Manpower Services, we understand the complexities of this industry and excel in sourcing top talent for a diverse range of roles. Whether you need engineers, geologists, project managers, or C-suite executives, our extensive network and industry knowledge enable us to deliver exceptional candidates who are not only qualified but also aligned with your company’s culture and goals.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide tailored solutions that address specific staffing challenges within the oil and gas industry. From upstream exploration to downstream refining and everything in between, we have the expertise to identify and recruit individuals with the technical skills, experience, and strategic mindset required to drive your organization forward.

Partnering with Yaqoot Manpower Services means gaining access to a dedicated team of recruitment professionals committed to delivering results. We prioritize transparency, efficiency, and integrity throughout the recruitment process, ensuring a seamless experience for both clients and candidates alike. Trust us to navigate the complexities of oil and gas recruitment so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business.

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Expert Tailored Manpower Solutions in Oil and Gas Recruitment in Saudi Arabia

At Yaqoot Manpower Services, we specialize in providing tailored manpower solutions that are meticulously crafted to meet the unique staffing requirements of your company within the oil and gas sector. We understand that every organization has distinct needs, whether you’re a multinational corporation or a local firm, and our customized recruitment strategies are designed to address these nuances effectively.


Our approach begins with a thorough assessment of your company’s culture, values, and specific job requirements. We then leverage our deep industry knowledge and extensive network to identify candidates who not only possess the requisite skills and experience but also align seamlessly with your organizational goals. Whether you need temporary staffing for a short-term project or permanent placements for key leadership roles, we have the flexibility and expertise to deliver tailored solutions that drive success.


We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to the evolving needs of the oil and gas industry. Our team of recruitment experts is committed to delivering personalized service, transparency, and professionalism throughout the entire recruitment process. Partner with Yaqoot Manpower Services to streamline your hiring efforts and secure the talent that propels your business forward in this dynamic and competitive sector.


Contact us today to discuss how our tailored manpower solutions can optimize your workforce and contribute to your company’s growth and success in the oil and gas industry. industries We Serve

Comprehensive Job Placement in Oil and Gas in Saudi Arabia

At Yaqoot Manpower Services, we excel in providing comprehensive job placement services across all sectors of the oil and gas industry. Whether you’re looking to fill positions in exploration, production, refining, or distribution, we have the expertise and resources to connect you with top-tier professionals who are adept at navigating the complexities of this dynamic sector. Yaqoot Manpower is considered one of the top oil & gas placement agencies when it comes to hiring the best head hunters whether you are looking for oil field staffing, oil rig engineers, gas engineer or any other job consultancy.

From engineers specializing in drilling and reservoir management to executives driving strategic initiatives, our recruitment process is designed to identify and secure candidates who not only meet but exceed your expectations. We understand the importance of finding individuals who possess not only the technical skills but also the leadership qualities and industry knowledge necessary to thrive in today’s competitive oil and gas market.

Our commitment to excellence extends throughout the entire recruitment journey. We leverage our extensive network, industry insights, and rigorous vetting process to ensure that every placement is a strategic fit for both the candidate and your organization. Whether you’re a multinational corporation or a growing startup, trust us to deliver personalized job placement solutions that propel your business forward in the fast-paced world of oil and gas.

Contact Yaqoot Manpower Services today to discuss your staffing needs and experience firsthand how our comprehensive job placement services can enhance your workforce and drive success in the oil and gas industry.oil

Oil and Gas Recruitment Companies for Upstream

We Deliver the Best Results When it Comes to Upstream Recruitment in Oil and Gas Sector in Saudi Arabia

The upstream sector in the oil and gas industry refers to the exploration and production activities involved in locating, drilling, and extracting crude oil and natural gas from underground reservoirs. Our oil and gas recruitment is best known for sourcing the best talent for upstream clients. We recruit the most professional labor for upstream projects whether you are looking to hire senior engineers, technicians, electricians, drillers, welders, fabricators, operators, and much more!

For over a decade of working experience in recruiting for oil an gas sector, we established strong relationships with exploration and production companies in the oil and gas sector. Our motto is to source, recruit and provide the best talent that deliver outstanding performance and efficiency during the upstream activities.

The Yaqoot Manpower Services is one of the leading oil and gas recruiter that is at the forefront of providing workforce solutions to offshore and upstream clients so that the businesses operating in offshore and upstream can thrive. We are the #1 manpower supplier to some of the world’s best upstream companies.

Industries We Serve in Oil and Gas Recruitment in Saudi Arabia

At Yaqoot Manpower Services, we excel in providing specialized recruitment solutions across a wide range of sectors within the oil and gas industry. Our expertise extends to:

Upstream Exploration and Production

In the realm of upstream exploration and production, Yaqoot Manpower Services specializes in sourcing and placing highly skilled professionals who are pivotal in driving oil and gas extraction operations. This includes identifying geologists with expertise in reservoir characterization, geophysicists proficient in seismic interpretation, and drilling engineers adept at optimizing well design and execution. We understand the critical importance of these roles in maximizing production efficiency and minimizing operational risks. Our tailored recruitment strategies ensure that we match candidates not only based on technical proficiency but also on their alignment with your project goals and corporate culture.

Midstream and Downstream Operations

For midstream and downstream operations, our agency focuses on recruiting professionals who play integral roles in the transportation, refining, and distribution of oil and gas products. This includes sourcing pipeline engineers with experience in designing and maintaining extensive pipeline networks, as well as process engineers specialized in refinery operations and petrochemical production. We recognize the significance of ensuring smooth and efficient logistics in these sectors, and our recruitment efforts are geared toward identifying candidates who possess the requisite technical expertise and regulatory knowledge necessary to navigate complex operational challenges effectively.

Engineering and Construction

In the field of engineering and construction within the oil and gas industry, Yaqoot Manpower Services excels in providing staffing solutions for major infrastructure projects. This includes recruiting project managers skilled in overseeing large-scale construction initiatives, civil engineers with expertise in structural design and site development, and mechanical engineers proficient in equipment installation and maintenance. We understand the critical role that these professionals play in delivering projects on time and within budget constraints. Our recruitment approach is tailored to identify candidates who not only possess the technical skills required for these demanding roles but also demonstrate strong leadership capabilities and a proven track record of project success.

Environmental and Regulatory Compliance

Environmental stewardship and regulatory compliance are paramount in the oil and gas industry, and our agency is dedicated to sourcing professionals who specialize in these critical areas. This includes recruiting environmental scientists and engineers with expertise in conducting environmental impact assessments, managing remediation projects, and ensuring compliance with local and international environmental regulations. We recognize the importance of sustainability and mitigating environmental impacts in today’s global landscape, and our recruitment efforts are focused on identifying candidates who can help organizations achieve their environmental goals while maintaining operational excellence.

Energy Trading and Risk Management

In the realm of energy trading and risk management, Yaqoot Manpower Services supports organizations in identifying and recruiting talent for roles that involve market analysis, trading strategies, and risk mitigation within the energy sector. This includes sourcing energy traders with a deep understanding of commodity markets, risk analysts skilled in assessing market volatility and hedging strategies, and market strategists adept at forecasting trends and optimizing portfolio performance. We understand the complexities of energy markets and the importance of proactive risk management strategies in mitigating financial and operational risks. Our recruitment approach is tailored to identify candidates who not only possess quantitative and analytical skills but also demonstrate a thorough understanding of regulatory frameworks and industry dynamics.

Oil and Gas Employment Agencies

Oil and Gas Roles we Recruit for

  • Operations – COO, EVP, VP, GM
  • Engineering, Manufacturing & Sustaining – VP, Director, Manager
  • Senior Engineer – All Major Disciplines
  • All Other Technical Disciplines – VP, Director, Manager
  • Drilling – VP, Head of, Manager
  • Technology – CTO, VP, Director, Manager
  • Completion – VP, Manager, Snr. Eng.
  • Maintenance & Repairs of Steam Generator Boilers
  • Maintenance & Repairs of Reactors
  • Maintenance & Repairs of Column
  • Maintenance & Repairs of Vessel & Drum
  • Maintenance & Repairs, Testing of Heat Exchangers (All kinds & Type) – High Pressure, Low Pressure
  • Removal, dismantling, Overhauling, and Installation of all kinds of Valves including Control Valves
  • Fabrication, Erection/Installation, testing of Piping including Tie-In Projects

The Benefits of Working with Yaqoot Manpower Oil and Gas Recruitment Agency

We are the top recruitment agency in Saudi Arabia for the top class and highly qualified manpower recruitment.

Comprehensive Recruitment Services:

When it comes to oil and gas recruitment Yaqoot Manpower Services offers comprehensive recruitment solutions, handling every step with precision and efficiency in order to serve you better.

Expertise in Saudi Arabia Recruitment:

Being expert in Saudi Arabian recruitment, we understand local regulations, culture, and industry trends, ensuring top talent acquisition which makes us the #1 and top choice for Saudi companies seeking manpower help for their oil and gas projects.

Unleash Business Potential:

Unleash your business potential with our oil and gas manpower recruitment agency in Saudi Arabia. We align recruitment strategies to your goals, values, and culture, building high-performing teams for your business success.

Extensive Candidate Network:

Tap into our oil and gas manpower recruitment agency in Saudi Arabia's extensive network of diverse, qualified candidates across industries to find the right individuals for your organization's success.

Time and Cost Savings:

Outsource your oil and gas recruitment needs to us for time and cost savings. Our efficient processes streamline hiring, reducing costs and filling positions quickly, allowing you to focus on core business activities.

FAQs: About Oil and Gas Recruitment Services

Q: What types of positions do you typically recruit for in the oil and gas industry?

A: We recruit for a wide range of positions including engineers (civil, mechanical, electrical, etc.), geoscientists, project managers, technicians, executives (CEO, CFO, COO), and various specialized roles across upstream, midstream, and downstream operations.

Q: How do you ensure candidates have the necessary qualifications and experience for oil and gas roles?

A: We conduct thorough screening processes that include reviewing resumes, conducting technical assessments, verifying certifications, and conducting in-depth interviews. We also assess candidates’ industry-specific knowledge and experience to ensure they meet our clients’ requirements.

Q: Do you recruit for international oil and gas projects?

A: Yes, we have experience and capabilities in recruiting candidates for international projects in various regions around the world. We understand the visa and work permit requirements, cultural considerations, and logistical challenges involved in international placements.

Q: What sets your agency apart from other recruitment firms in the oil and gas sector?

A: We specialize exclusively in the oil and gas industry, allowing us to have deep industry knowledge, a vast network of professionals, and a thorough understanding of sector-specific challenges. Our personalized approach, commitment to quality, and track record of successful placements distinguish us from others.

Q: How quickly can you fill positions in the oil and gas industry?

A: The timeline for filling positions can vary depending on factors such as the specificity of the role, location, and candidate availability. However, we prioritize efficiency without compromising on quality, aiming to fill positions as quickly as possible while ensuring the right fit for our clients.

Q: What geographical regions do you cover for recruitment services?

A: We provide recruitment services globally, covering major oil and gas hubs and emerging markets. Our extensive network and localized expertise enable us to source talent effectively across different regions.

Q: Do you offer temporary staffing solutions for short-term projects in the oil and gas industry?

A: Yes, we provide temporary staffing solutions tailored to meet the short-term project needs of our clients in the oil and gas sector. Whether you need contract workers for a specific project phase or temporary replacements, we can assist with flexible staffing solutions.

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