In order to implement a new recruitment system predicated on talent, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) has presented three possible layouts. These tendencies were discovered during a recent study conducted by the ministry with the hope of enhancing the Saudi Arabian work visa process.

With the goal of raising productivity and creativity in the Kingdom, the suggested patterns were ranked from high to medium to low.

Recommendations for the suggested patterns were considered, as well as worldwide comparisons with a similar context to that which is intended to be used in the Kingdom. The study also analyzed the present state of affairs, granular data, and all the critical components of the new recruitment system at length.

Study results included an execution strategy, project charters, an operational model, recruiting system governance, and KPIs.

The Skill Verification Program (SVP) was announced as part of a strategy to bring in more skilled overseas workers, the ministry added. Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh hosted the initial stages of the program’s foreign track.

Main Industries for sklilled Workers

In the initial phase, five fields were chosen for skill testing: plumber, electrician, welder, refrigeration and air conditioning technician, and automotive electrician.

Skill-Based Scheme for Pakistanis

The Saudi scheme for skilled employees has been used for the first time by Pakistan. In September of last year, the MHRSD implemented SVP in Pakistan. It was thereafter rolled out in India and Bangladesh.

To improve the quality of professional manpower in the Saudi labor market, raise the level of professionalism, boost productivity, and halt the flow of unqualified workers into the Kingdom’s labor market, the SVP’s first phase aims to verify the skills of workers in five specializations out of the 23 specializations targeted by the ministry.